World’s largest toilet stall

World’s largest toilet stall

Ichihara City’s strange attempt to promote tourism.

Once again, Japanese people have innovated the hell out of something and it’s not something that would seem obvious.  This time around, it’s the tourist industry and rather than trying to bring in visitors by building, say, a giant monument or a big amusement park or something similar, they’ve gone a quite different route.  Their answer to bringing in the tourist dollars was to construct the world’s largest toilet stall.

Technically it’s a regular sized toilet and it’s placed within a box about the size of your average stall, but the box is made of glass and the surrounding landscape is more than 2150 square feet of gardens.  The whole thing is fenced off from the public, thus encompassing the area of one toilet stall.

The geniuses that came up with this rather bizarre attraction?  Ichihara City.  They hired an artist to design the toilet, culminating in what curious visitors can see today.  Altogether, the project cost them more than $120,000 U.S.  That’s a pretty freakin’ expensive place to relieve yourself.  And that doesn’t include the daily upkeep.  I mean, someone does have to clean it at the end of the day, right?

The question remains of whether people will actually go out of their way to visit this almighty crapper or if Ichihara City’s dreams will be flushed away for nothing.  Unfortunately, the toilet is for ladies only right now, so there goes about half their potential customers - the half that might actually think the world’s largest toilet stall to be a not-to-be-missed attraction.  I guess they didn’t want to have to wipe down the seat between every use.

So if you have an inkling for the bizarre and the rest of Japan doesn’t have enough for you, take a trip down to Ichihara City.  There’s little else to see there, however, so you might want to make sure to get a round-trip train ticket.