In Tokyo, dirt is on the menu

In Tokyo, dirt is on the menu

A fancy French restaurant, in Japan, that serves dirt in your food

Japan is known for having more than its fair share of strange and interesting restaurants.  Perhaps they’re really no odder than the rest of the world, but they certainly put some effort in when it comes to catering to crowds with peculiar fetishes.  Now, there’s one more to add to the list, though this one concentrates less on unique atmosphere and more on unique food.  They serve food with dirt in it, to be precise.

The restaurant is called Ne Quittez Pas and it’s located in Tokyo.  The head chef apparently decided that the best way to attract new customers is to create a dirt-containing multi-course meal.  He also seems to believe that this dirt is so good that it’s well worth paying $110 for the opportunity to eat it.

If you decide to order the dirty offerings, you will be served dirt and potato soup and a salad with dirt dressing to open the meal.  Then, a main course of dirt risotto and sea bass.  Afterwards, some dirt ice cream and dirt gratin and a cup of soiled mint tea.

Even odder still, the reviews of this bizarre meal have been good.  People are saying that you can hardly taste the dirt (doesn’t that defeat the purpose?).  The reason that the dirt is so hard to taste, according to the chef, is that he uses only the highest quality earth as an ingredient.  Of course, he also happens to be a well-trained chef, so maybe it’s the good cooking that does the trick.

Considering the price, you won’t catch me sitting down to eat at Ne Quittez Pas anytime soon, no matter how many good reviews they get.  And even if I did eat there, I’d probably have to order something a little more traditional.  Still, if dirt eating is your thing, you may have just found a little bit of heaven thanks to Japan.