An iPhone case that you can eat!

An iPhone case that you can eat!

Lost in the woods without food? Try the new edible iPhone case.

The latest in utterly useless and uniquely Japanese inventions is a case for your iPhone that also happens to be edible.  It’s not something that you would think of off the top of your head, but apparently there’s enough of a demand for it that some Japanese research team decided to make one.  It’s called the Survival Senbai edible iPhone case and it’s the perfect way to keep yourself from starving if lost in the woods - at least for a few hours.


This case is made from a brown rice senbai cracker concoction that is designed to be a little sturdier that most rice.  That is if it manages to survive the shipping process.  Then you also need to get your phone into the case, which creates its own set of problems.  Statistics say that more than 50 percent of these cases will break while trying to put the phone in.

So what’s the point of turning your phone into a ringing rice krispy treat?  It’s in the name of the product - survival.  Or at least that’s what the marketing department is saying.  If you happen to be caught in a natural disaster or some other situation where there is no food, the case is there for you, pocket lint and all.  Why people wouldn’t just carry a power bar instead wasn’t addressed.

Of course, there are some complications to maintaining your case for more than a few hours.  The case needs to be kept out of direct sunlight and away from humidity and warmth.  For some of us, the last two are an exact description of our pockets.  For Japan, that’s a pretty accurate depiction of their entire country.

So if you need one of these, it’s only $48 bucks.  Not exactly the $1 rice krispy treats you might pick up at the local corner store.  And considering the chance of breakage due to various reasons, it’s more likely to end up a $48 rice snack that sort of resembles an iPhone case.