Elephant poop beer anyone?

Elephant poop beer anyone?

Japan’s Sankt Gallen Brewery makes new stout with strange ingredients

Japan’s latest contribution to the world of spirits appears to be a rather strange concoction that relies on the feces of elephants to produce.  Named “Un Kono Kuro” (or, roughly translated “Shit Black”), this beer proved to be so popular that the company sold out their entire stock in under a day.  Well, to be more precise, their website sold out in a matter of minutes.  It went on sale on April Fools' Day, but this beer is apparently not a joke.

The poop element of the brewing process is a little less nasty than you might be thinking.  Seriously, would someone actually drink something made from crap?  The real secret ingredient is a rare coffee bean, processed through the digestive tract of the elephants in question.  These beans are eaten, crapped out and then extracted from the fresh dookie.  Then they make their way into the beer.  The beans themselves come from Thailand, courtesy of that country’s hungry elephants and if you were to buy them to brew in a more traditional way they would cost you around $500 per pound.  Yes, crapping out coffee beans does inflate their value for some reason.

Un Kono Kuro was put together by the Sankt Gallen Brewery and is being sold as a chocolate stout, despite definitional evidence to the contrary.  The bottle even comes complete with a label showing an elephant relieving itself.  The beer also seems to be getting some rather good reviews.  So maybe these Japanese guys have something after all?

Though sold out, Sankt Gallen promises that they’ll get those elephants crapping as fast as possible and have more of the beer to sell soon.  If it sounds like something you need to try, check out their website here.  Of course, it’s all in Japanese, so good luck navigating it properly.