Domino’s Pizza Japan

Domino’s Pizza Japan

Sales promotions in Japan are way more interesting than the U.S. could ever hope to be.

I recently came across some news on a couple of promotions that are going on in Japan, courtesy of the Domino’s Pizza franchise.  Apparently, once a business makes its way overseas it is allowed to go crazy and mutate from the standard American way of doing business to the wacky Japanese way of doing it.  The results are some of the strangest promotions ever.

One of the two major sales that I found involves getting 50% off your order.  The requirement for this discount, however, is that you sit in front of your computer and watch the clock.  It’s called the “Shortest Sale in the World” and it literally lasts for one second.  If you manage to click on a button on the Internet at the exact right time, you win a coupon good for 50 percent off your order.  The times are predictable, thankfully, always composed of repetitive numbers such as 4:44:44.  And they occur multiple times over the course of three days, so there are plenty of chances.  Of course, you need some damn good timing and a fast Internet connection to even give it a try.

The next promotion involves a series of coupons that allow customers to get 25 percent off their order if they perform certain tasks or meet certain criteria when receiving their pizza.  The list of conditions ranges anywhere from dressing a certain way, such as in 80s costume, to greeting your deliveryman with a parakeet in hand. 

Other fun ways to get a discount include having a beard or mustache, being in your second year of high-school, taking with a particular accent, being a twin or having a certain number of characters in your name.  If you manage to fulfill all of the above requirements (a feat that is virtually impossible), you get a whopping 50 percent off!

So yeah, as if businesses didn’t do some weird enough stuff to get customers in already, Japan manages to push it to the limit.  For sure way more entertaining than anything I’ve ever seen.  I’d totally be okay with growing a beard if it meant I could get my pizza for 25 percent off.