Adult diapers: The latest trend in Japan

Adult diapers: The latest trend in Japan

Women in Japan are choosing to wear adult diapers both as social protest and strange convenience

Yes, another strange cultural trend is developing in Japan, the home of the strangest of them all.  This one involves women wearing adult diapers.  They do not wear them because they need them, however, but as a personal choice.

The reasons that the women give for wearing adult diapers are two-fold.  Some say that this is a response against men, who are seen as slovenly and unwilling to take care of themselves.  This social protest is often accompanied by other “rebellious” actions by ladies, including a refusal to shave and the ignoring of common housework.  Peeing their pants just happens to be part of this reaction to lazy guys

The other main reason, and one that is perhaps a bit more disturbing, is that women are wearing them out of convenience.  If they don’t have to go to the bathroom it allows them to be more productive during their day.  This idea has also struck the gambling population, who wear them so that they don’t have to get up and risk losing whatever machine they’ve happened to camp on that day.

The adult diaper trend has become so prevalent, in fact, that this year saw such a rise in adult diaper sales that they surpassed the sales of regular baby-sized diapers.  This is, helped by the rising elderly population in Japan that actually needs the things, but no small part of it comes from women who make the choice to wear them consciously.  The trend has even spread to the point where there are adult diaper fashion shows.

Normally, I’m very understanding (and even enthusiastic) about some of the interesting cultural phenomena in Japan.  This one, however, sounds borderline dangerous.  I don’t see stewing in a puddle of your own juices to necessarily be a healthy thing, especially when it encourages one to be lazy.  Oh well, to each their own, but somehow I don’t think this fad will be spreading beyond Japan’s borders.