The Shower Clean Suit


I must admit, the concept is fascinating. It's called a Shower Clean Suit and as the name suggests, it is a suit that you can soak, rinse and clean as you yourself splash about in the shower. When I first heard about it, I figured people wore it and then showered. It's my own fault for misinterpreting the ad ... but when they say wash as you shower, don't you immediately imagine the wear-and-wash scenario?

The product is made by Konaka Co. and from what I read here, they made a special suit out of wool fibers which can easily absorb water. There was this complicated process undertaken by the development team where certain bits were made soluble so that wool was less wash-friendly than usual. The suit then went through another process which enabled it to be wrinkle-free.

Like I said before, it sounds quite fascinating. Of course, those won't be words uttered by laundromats all over Japan as they stumble upon this product. To this effect, I can imagine this product saving folks a good deal of money. You know how easy it is to ruin a good suit. And heading out at the last minute to buy a comfy suit that doesn't scream Wham can be hard.

On the negative side, I am guessing that the suit won't work in certain climates. Think the hot humid tropics, especially the ones that result in moldy surrounds. In such an instance I can imagine rinsing off the suit and coming back to find that it has developed its own little ecosystem.

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