As you might have guessed, Edu-Manga is manga that teaches its reader a bit more about a given topic while maintaining a manga style story-line. In most cases, it appears to be a educational figure or institute who is promoting or implementing such a fusion. Not that I am complaining; as a manga fan, I would eagerly nab some of these collectibles.

The piece that got me reading about this topic was Element Girls. Published by PHP Institute, this is basically a periodic table of all the chemistry elements ... except that each one is depicted as an manga-style character. According to this source, there is also a bit of supplementary information about the chemical names and the historical information about their discovery. I like the depiction of sulfuric acid as a goth girl; apparently she says "Think you can handle me?". Check out this site for additional details as well as background info about this genre.

Another Edu-Manga book I found was the">biography of Albert Einstein. I don't think this is specifically for comic fans; it seems more like a great way to interest young folk in science. After all, we know how tough it is to get young ones to read anything science-related. Furthermore, comic books are, or at least used to be, a kid's best friend. And if all those recent comic-to-movie adaptations are anything to go by, comic books still capture a lot of people's imagination.

Plus, there were The Manga Guides. These were topics about various science or math fields and they were incorporated into a manga story. How fascinating is that? So far, I have found The Manga Guide to Calculus, The Manga Guide to Physics and The Manga Guide to Databases. For me, this comes across as the perfect book for a starter in each of these fields. Of course, if you are really brave, you could throw in this book as a Christmas present for the kids.

Finally, there was the Ubunchu comic. I mentioned it a while back. It's basically a story set in a school where students engage in a bit of friendly banter and debate about OS ... focusing mainly on the goodness that is Ubuntu. Here's an update on that story: Chapter 2 is now out and available on this site!

Are there any other interesting Edu-Manga books? What do you recommend?